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Most of the time when buying a Ready-to-Fly RC model aircraft, you get everything you need in the package, and the plane is ready to fly, as the name states, nearly out of the box. Minimal build work is needed, and you’ll be flying the plane very quickly as all that is needed is to charge the batteries (more and less all RTF RC model planes are electric). All very good reasons to buy an RTF plane.

Getting an RTF RC plane is a great way to get flying the plane faster and cheaper. However, there are some factors that you should know when buying an RTF plane, as the different packages might be build-up differently.

Some packages come with quality parts and good RC transmitter for example, but other packages (namely the cheapest ones) might now, so make sure you know what you’re getting when buying one and consider these pros and cons of RTF planes too…

Why RTF RC Model Aircraft Might Not Be So Great? (-)

RTF scale airplanes are created to make it easy for anyone to get a plane and start flying, but of course, the sellers want the packages to be affordable, so they can’t and don’t want to use the top-notch parts in these planes.

Because of this, unless the RTF plane is specifically designed to include prime parts, there are some things you should know so that you won’t be unpleasantly surprised later. Note that these “warnings” do not apply to every RTF plane out there, but it’s common that some corners are cut, especially with the cheaper RTF model airplanes…

RC Transmitter included with the RTF model aircraft has 2 or 3 channels, which is not suitable for more advanced plane in the future (requires at least 4 channels) (-)
RC Transmitter might be configured differently in different countries, which might make learning the controls hard (-)
The included transmitter might have more limited range than usual (-)
The transmitter comes/uses normal batteries, not rechargeable ones (So you’ll be buying and using your own rechargeable batteries) (-)
The receiver batteries might have low capacity; they might be heavy and only good for couple minutes of flight time (-)
It can take 12-16 hours to charge the batteries with the standard charger coming in the RTF box (-)
The parts on the RTF RC model aircraft cannot be reused in a different kind, e.g. bigger plane (although some plane models are more modifiable than others) (-)
The spare parts must be bought from third party vendors as the manufacturer might not offer or sell them (-)

source: http://scale-model-aircraft.com/blog/what-everybody-should-know-about-rtf-rc-model-aircraft


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