Beginning To Fly RC Planes

Remote control flying can be great fun for the entire family, who can spend an afternoon in the park watching your plane take off and land, while you control it from the ground. There is plenty of option available in the market, if you are planning to buy your own RC model aircraft. You need to study a little about remote control flying, before you decide to choose a plane. Depending on whether you want to build your model plane from scratch or if you want to buy a ready to fly kit, you need to go through the guidelines and choose one that would meet your requirements. Learning to fly a RC plane needs a lot of practice and perseverance and it is best to choose a model that is easy to fly and has the stability for a smooth flight. The nitro model super trainer, which is made of balsa wood, gives a wider wingspan. Its flight characteristics make it easier to fly and controls are easy to handle.

As a beginner, you need to first paint your model with a bright color to keep track of it in the sky. There are plenty of models available, which are inexpensive and give you the same excitement as other more complicated models. The ready to fly model kits can be easy to assemble for someone who has little time on hand. You would also need a radio control and servos to control your plane, when flying. You need to get familiar with the basics of flight controls. Initially, you need to learn how an airplane flies.

The wings of the plane play an important part in its flight. It helps it to take off and maneuver, when in the air. So, the position of the wings is important for flying your airplane. Depending on the direction, you tilt the wings of the airplane, which will turn in the same direction, while you hold the control stick in the neutral position. Low wing aerobatic planes are for the more experienced fliers, as it needs proper control and handling. Park gliders and slow fliers with electric motors are easier for a beginner.

You need to ensure your preflight check is in order, before you take off. The balance of the plane must be taken care of and use required weights, if needed. Make sure that the wing is not warped to ensure a steady flight, but an intended warp near the tips of each wing is necessary to make the plane stall straight without tilting. When flying for the first time, it is better to have a lot of open space and make sure you take off and land with the help of the wind. Try maneuvering only, when the plane has gained considerable height. Turning when the plane is low is to be avoided. Just let the plane glide to a halt.


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